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Innovation Management for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Fortress.Legal™ is a secure Intangibles Management System (IMS) where innovative SMEs can easily, affordably and intelligently manage and track ideas, IP, contracts, and business data, to grow faster and achieve higher valuations. Companies have instant access to their information and can run tailored reports on demand. Companies can use Fortress.Legal™ as a data room to securely share information with their advisors and funders, giving advisors and funders better visibility and insight so they can provide the right help at the right time. Fortress.Legal™ provides valuable IP guidance and legal templates and intelligently organizes companies so they have a better understanding of their business and projects and are always investor-ready. Fortress Legal™ saves companies time and money and helps them attract investment and achieve higher valuations.

Fortress.Legal™ features

Real-time data,
checklists & reports

Due Diligence, Compliance & Metrics

IP creation & protection

Ideation, Searching & Management

Custom Contract Management

Templates, Versioning & Signatures

Current Innovation Ecosystem

Unorganized & Unsecure

Intangibles Management System

Security Certified

Patent Pending


Natalie Raffoul, P. Eng., J.D.

World-renowned IP lawyer and patent agent with a background in electrical engineering. Thought leader with over 21 years of IP experience.

Rare combination of legal, business and IP skills. Successfully built and managed an IP law firm over the past 13 years.

Understands the unique legal and IP challenges of technology startups and SMEs and the firms that advise them. Her firm’s client list includes 100’s of tech clients, many being SMEs.

Jennifer Raoul, PhD

Internationally-recognized patent agent with over 15 years of IP experience in the life sciences sector.

Former partner and current senior counsel at Canada’s largest law firm, Jennifer brings ‘big law’ experience to the team.

Entrepreneur with exceptional business development skills. Global network of potential customers and partners, including law firms,  companies, industry groups, research organizations, and other intermediaries.

Tom Murphy
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Hands on technology leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of software development and management experience. 

Former CTO of RVezy, Software Director at BlackBerry and Founder of Distill Mobile which builds and advises many early stage software startups. 

Deep technical expertise in cloud, enterprise, mobile and security technologies combined with strong leadership and management experience.

Liddell Malan-Bennett
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Highly motivated, result-driven senior accounting and financial management executive with 25+ years of progressive experience with financial and operations management, within different business sectors: profit, not-for-profit, charities and associations, both International and Canadian companies.

Liddell is a financial executive with a career history of driving strategies and initiatives that generate dynamic gains in financial performance and operational efficiencies.

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IP Asset Management

Contract Management

External Collaboration

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IP & Contract Reports

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“We didn’t have the capacity to build a dataroom for a funding application, so we didn’t apply.  Getting a dataroom was a huge barrier to us getting investment.”

– Canadian Clean Tech Scaleup President

“Instead of Dropbox folders…for Fortress to be built like a data room… that’s something we could introduce our clients to very early on to orient them toward getting organized early…” 

– US Patent Lawyer, Partner

There is real value in having everything in one place…a secure repository for important documents…you have also added immediate value by building in IP guidance that we don’t have time to generate.” 

– European Patent Attorney, Managing Partner of large Pan-European firm

“This is a great idea. There is definitely a place for something like this that is well done and ‘right-sized’ for SMEs.”

– Senior Canadian Patent Agent, Partner

“We offer ‘IP Counsel as a Service’ to companies…and this tool is perfectly aligned with that.” 

– Senior Canadian Patent Agent, Partner

“This is really exciting. I can see the value here from both sides, client and law firm. It will ease the pain.”

– Senior Canadian Patent Agent, Partner

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